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About Sevyn 

Nationally bestselling author Sevyn McCray started at a young age using words to escape her harsh reality of the northwest Atlanta streets. She would grab a book and immerse herself into the suburban world of the likes of the characters created by Judy Blume or take adventures with Babysitters Club, the Sweet Valley Twins or Nancy Drew. But it wasn’t those tales that made her believe that she could become a writer.  It was when she came across Black Girl Lost by Donald Goines.  The story of Sandra was so relatable and real.  It showed her that people wrote stories about girls like her.  


Sevyn started writing and entered many essay contest sponsored by the Atlanta mayor's office and the department of public safety.  She won every one for at least two years.  Crafting attention grabbing stories soon became second nature to her.  By the time she entered high school, she started taking literature more seriously.  Sevyn was singled out and recognized continuously for her way with words, love of the subject of literature and excellent grammar skills.  She started tutoring peers and assisting her teachers with grading papers. 


During high school she was known for her drama filled advice column in the school newspaper made up of fictional characters with real life situations.  You could either catch her in the halls talking to someone about a problem or with walking with her head down engrossed in a book. 



It wasn’t a shock to anyone when she chose to major in English education and criminal justice in college considering her step father’s career in law enforcement and the fact that words were her first love.  Sevyn continued to use her writing skills to her advantage as a peer tutor throughout college.  She tackled corporate America by using her detailed writing and proofreading skills as she worked for Fortune 500 companies. Stepping out on faith after being laid off, Sevyn penned her debut novel. ‘What Da Lick Read? The Triple Cross ‘, a grimy street tale about betrayal, family and money based in northwest Atlanta, Georgia.  It skyrocketed to the top of the charts reaching #1 in African American Urban Fiction.    She penned the infamous “Real Block Wives of Atlanta” and "Love and Traphouses Atlanta.    Her knack for creating realistic stories relatable tales centered around the Atlanta, the African American Mecca has landed Sevyn at the top of the bestselling charts time after time.  To date, Sevyn McCray has officially penned 6 novels, which includes three number 1 bestsellers and the others reaching the top 5 spots on the urban best sellers list. Sevyn has published over 50 books under her now defunct Peach Dollhouse Publishing Company.   Since earning her Masters degree in Creative Writing for film, she is now using her knowledge and talent to coach and edit for writers as well as working on creating a television show. 

After experiencing the death of quite a few love ones including her brother and mother as well as being involved in a car accident and devastating diagnosis from the accident, Sevyn stopped publishing and writing to focused more on herself, her family and her new normal. She is now back with a vengeance, Sevyn just finished her first book in four years, Love and Traphouses 2-Sleeping with the Enemy and has already started on her next.  She is coaching several up and coming authors through her Write Dat Ish  coaching program.  She is also very involved with the Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia community, bringing awareness to these invisible diseases.  She resides south of Atlanta with her two children, her Yorkshire Terrier and her loving partner where she is currently penning The Real Blockwives of Atlanta 3.