The sizzling debut from Sevyn McCray

First loves, Backstabbing best friends, and your past coming back to haunt you…..

Honesty, Loyalty, Reality and Killian were raised by Khalil, a single father that hustled with a ‘get it by any means necessary attitude’ over the years to make sure that they had everything that their hearts desired. After sending them to the best colleges, the streets of the Westside of Atlanta called them and they answered.

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The long awaited sequel to "What Da Lick Read? The Triple Cross. Questions are answered and even more arise as blood is shed on the streets of Atlanta. Coach K and his family are back and looking for answers. Who is wreaking havoc on this family and why?


What do you do when the only leg you have left to stand on belongs to someone you barely know? Find out how five women learn there really is strength in numbers. They are stronger, smarter, and wiser than they ever knew. And when it comes to the man that you love, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to be with him. Meet The Real Blockwives of Atlanta...


Things can change at the blink of an eye. But they can also change right before your eyes. These five women thought that they could handle it all because they survived rough childhoods in the toughest neighborhoods Atlanta. But did their rocky upbringing prepare them for what they are about to face?


What do you get when one of the closest people to you actually hates the ground you walk on? You get federal prison time, hundreds of miles distance from home, no communication, death of a love one and a broken heart from the one person you thought that you could never live without. The saying “True love never dies” is believable, but will it prevail? Who is the mastermind behind all this despair plaguing these lovebirds?

Welcome to Love and Trap houses Atlanta… where the right thing to do and the hardest thing to do is now one and the same.